Testimonials from Doctors and Patients.

"Most people know Ms. Heather Ashton, ALFmt (master technician) for her gorgeous ALF and OmNi appliances and decades of experience. Unfortunately, too few know of her invention: The Crane, and are missing the maxillary and midface decompression / release it uniquely supports

(in tandem with the ALF or OmNi).

The ALF was designed specifically to support healthy craniofacial function and proper facial development through augmenting and directing the body's own natural forces and physiology. It stands alone in its capacity to unlock the patient's expression of its innate natural beauty and function, particularly when coupled with osteopathic therapy.

Often, ALF treatment is not initiated until after critical growth periods have passed, or the patient is overly handicapped by generations of unhealthy western lifestyle, or there is genetic deficit. Years of engineering, testing, and refining of The Crane by Ms. Ashton has given us the ability to amplify the magic of ALF without the negative reciprocal forces found in all other commercially available traction systems!

Because The Crane can provide physiologic forward traction completely without negative reciprocal forces, a compliant patient can progress farther towards their personal 'optimum' than we used to think was possible. Thank you, Heather, for your invention."

Darick Nordstrom, DDS, Developer of the ALF appliance

Hollister, CA


"Miss Heather Ashton and the Crane deserve advanced recognition for having made available an appliance system that fills a much needed dental / cranial niche, not fulfilled by any other appliance system on the market.  In response to the underdeveloped dental complexes, and or iatrogenically retruded cases, the Crane provides the capabilities to undo "the head-gear effect" without relying on any other facial / cranial structures. It's latest design features allow for a multitude of adjustments and it's size and mobility make it acceptable to most.

When used and diagnosed correctly the feedback from patients is touching and tell-tale of it's capabilities. We have successfully used it in orthodontic cases as well as in sleep apnea cases coupled with ALF based appliances to treat individuals who were still dissatisfied with other dentally based sleep apnea devices. I highly recommend the use of the Crane to practitioners that are looking for one of the missing links in appliance therapy."

Raymond Silkman, DDS

Brentwood, CA


"After years of debilitating cranial compression caused by bite equilibration, using the Crane releases the compression in my head and has allowed me to function at a higher level.  This device has literally saved my life and brought me from the depths of personal darkness and despair."


Sylvia Kopse

Ontario, Canada



"During the first month of wearing the Crane, a deep posterior pain in my cranium that has plagued me for years vanished.  In my disfunction, I became dependent on weekly chiropractic adjustments just to survive.  My need for chiropractic adjustments has disappeared since using this device.


Mary Fox



    "It's been thrilling from the start to wear the Crane

    because I never doubted it would work."


    E.D. Wilson, M.D.

    Discoverer of Wilson's Temperature Syndrome




"How do I spell relief?  the Crane!  It's the ultimate in bodywork.  They said this kind of change was physiologically impossible for me."


Stuart Titus

Electro-Medical Technician / Rolfer