Yes, how DO you wear this device???

How do you use this device???

How to Wear the Crane

Place the Crane as you would a cervical collar. The pressure around the collar should only be as much as needed to support the head, not to completely immobilize the neck. It may be necessary to cut the tabs on the back panel to make it shorter in height and more comfortable. 


Remember, the adjustment of the collar and the position of the boom will change when the patient is sitting as opposed to lying down. 



Wear it doing household chores? 



Wear it while doing homework? 




Wear it when watching television? 




Wear it while using the computer?



Wear it while reading?


Not to be worn while driving a car or riding a bicycle.

Wear while conscious 20 mins per session 3 x day.  Any more than 20 mins engages the ANS!





What type of intra-oral appliance shall I use?


Any appliance that is secure.  Any appliance that you would use with a facemask, i.e., braces, an acrylic palatal appliance with retention that makes it secure when the elastics are connected to the Crane.


If the patient needs lateral expansion, as well as forward pull, it is best to do this treatment in two stages; first pull the maxillae forward, then do the lateral expansion, or vice versa.  Too much at one time is not a favor to the body.